Start Small, GROW BIG And Start Now!

Welcome To ASBON


Start Small, GROW BIG And Start Now!

Welcome To ASBON


With ASBON, history is made. ASBON marks the beginning of business unusual.

Let the world know that ASBON marks the beginning of the paradigm shift of the economic landscape of our dear nation

Company & Business Setup

Innovative Ideas

Technical and Management Consultancy

Strategic and Technical Advice

Investment Management

Entrepreneurship Development


Building generation of successful entrepreneurs.


Empowering Nigerians to embrace entrepreneurship and prosper in business for the general good of the society.

Corporate Philosophy

The right thought, with the right people, in the right environment, at the right time, for the right reason, always produces the right results

What We Do

Create a forum for business men and women to consult and dialogue amongst themselves on issues of business interest.Provide opportunity for business owners to share information and create linkages that will enhance the growth of their businesses.Promote mentoring, modelling etc as a development tool for entrepreneurs.Influence economic agenda and policies through public advocacy and group representation to Government on issues of interest to entrepreneurs.Create and unbundle access to funding, market, information and capacity buildingProvide training and re-training programs, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc for SMEsCreate a linkage between business owners, government and her agencies.Render Consultancy Services
We are ASBON

Who We Are

A platform established to promote and nurture entrepreneurship amongst Nigerians.

A forum for Nigerian entrepreneurs to focus on issues that is crucial to the thriving of their businesses.

An institution for fostering an enabling environment toward the success of Nigerians in entrepreneurship.

Core Values

• Integrity, transparency, and accountability in the management of resources entrusted to it as part of the cooperate governance code;
• Zest for industrialization, job creation, employment generation and wealth creation as part of the value additive process
• Flair for entrepreneurship development
• Train it members on best practices on business management and corporate social responsibility
• Effective networking with stakeholders and development partners

  • Educating and informing members on investment opportunities
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and
  • Training programs for Corporate Members, Business/Professional Associations
  • Press conferences and releases to the press and other media houses
  • Informing members about Federal Legislative Developments that relates to business activities.
  • Encouraging and equipping members to express personal and knowledgeable vies on legislative issues to their legislators
  • Governmental regulations i.e. Public Advocacy Programs
  • Assisting Federal Government by furnishing facts, statistics etc., covering industry, services and other businesses conducted by members of the association
  • Maintaining a legislative or government Relation’s Committee to study and make recommendations concerning rational legislative issues.
  • Assisting members in connection with tariff, trade agreement, taxes and other levies
  • Representing members in tariff negotiation.
  • Lobbying to accomplish objectives of its membership
  • Nominating members to serve on Government approved Boards, Commissions and Committees.
  • Conducting research activities on economic and social issues affecting business and economy
  • Submission of inputs (pre/post) annual budget to the federal government.
  • Designing studies to improve products and/or services of members
  • Create a Research and Development Department to research into new and viable technologies
  • Providing data on business and the economy
  • News letters i.e. ASBON News and Economic Policy Update
  • ASBON Business Directory and Nigeria Guide
  • Handbooks and manual
  • National Business Agenda
  • Annual Reports
  • Annual Wall Calendar
  • Legislative Alert
  • Publication of a weekly newspaper called – Small Business News
  • Publication of a monthly news magazine called Small Business News Magazine
  • Sponsoring of selective weekly radio and television programs.
  • Ensure that members adhere to business codes and ethics
  • Issue Attestation letters to members
  • Issue referral to members on visa procurement
  • Create a number of network opportunities
  • Act as a clearing house for business
  • Maintain an on-going relationship between the Association and the Media
  • Provide trade and professional journals with information on development about the businesses and services of members.
  • Provide members with information needed to grow their business
  • Conduct working visits to other associations, corporate organizations and business/Professional Associations to meet and discuss common problem and finding lasting solution
  • Provide mass media with stories and press releases concerning the association
  • Run a weekly radio and television programs  to sensitize the public about the activities, challenges and progress of the association, its members and business in general
  • Helping business owners to obtain required government approvals and documents e.g. registration of business name and limited liability company registration with Corporate Affairs Commission, Registration of trademark for product names, Registration and approval from NAFDAC, S.O.N, CUSTOMS, etc
  • Provide in-depth vocational training to help members acquire more skills and start new businesses
  • Stand in for members to help solve problems whenever such arises
  • Help in procuring and installing relevant equipments and machineries needed by members
  • Prepare detailed business plan and feasibility reports to members at low cost
  • Help in preparing an audited account for member companies at reduced cost
  • Operating an effective ASBON MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE to assist members to access loans
  • Help members to access and obtain loans from other financial institutions with reduced interest rate with better terms and conditions