With ASBON, history is made. ASBON marks the beginning of business unusual.

Let the world know that ASBON marks the beginning of the paradigm shift of the economic landscape of our dear nation

Company & Business Setup

Innovative Ideas

Technical and Management Consultancy

Strategic and Technical Advice

Investment Management

Entrepreneurship Development

Our services are multifarious focusing mainly in the following areas.

• Acts as the apex advising institution in government business policies as it affects small business owners;
• Be a strong voice in influencing government policies on matters affecting small business owners;
• Provide strategic and technical advice to members on business improvement and for exports;
• Introduce and implement innovative ideas for members businesses;
• Be an effective link between government at all levels and members of the association
• Offer training on entrepreneurship development and project management especially for its members in their area of their core competence and niche market;
• Organize trade exhibition at both local and international fora to expose the products/services of members to a wider market
• Encourage members to attend foreign trade exhibitions;
• Provide technical and management consultancy services at affordable cost especially to members in particular and public in general;
• Networking with stakeholders to get the best inputs from all of them with intent of making and implementing policies, laws and regulations that will help Nigerian businesses grow and develop
• Advocacy with development partners in order to mobilise resources and enhance efficiency;
• Leveraging on available investment opportunities to create synergies with international development agencies and build strategic alliances;
• Arrange for cheap funds for its members in the transfer of resources and in the monitoring and evaluation of businesses under its purview